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We the Central Education & Information Technology Research Committee (CEITRC) An Autonomous Institution Under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.(INDIA) was established in 2009, as a group of excellence in Educational, Vocational Information Technology and allied areas. The CEITRC has been as Recognized by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi(NCT) Certificate No.IN-DL20372729068634O . It is also certified as International Quality “An ISO 9001: 2008/15 Certificate No. 1016QEQ74. For Its international standard quality and management system by the International Organization for Standardization. (Central Secretariate in Geneva, Switzerland, that co-ordinate the system.) under accredited unit JAS-ANZ (Government accreditation body under run Australia and Newzeland.)

We the CEITRC has been conceived with the ambitious objectives of developing professional expertise and skilled manpower in All the area of Educational and Information Technology related areas. This will enable the Professionals to exploit efficiently emerging opportunities, and meet economic challenges being thrown up by the rapid global IT & marketing revolution, which is influencing virtually every area of development and social activity. The establishment of CEITRC's Franchise, is a major step of towards strengthening the indigenous capability necessary for exploiting profitably and harnessing multi-dimensional facts of "Education For All" and attaining expertise to enable the country to emerge as a leading player in the global arena.

To cater the dire need of the India in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, We the CEITRC, with our Affiliated Centers, presence in the States - Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhatisgarh, Punjab & all, IT and Educational programs makes it possible for every student in the region to perform the countless tasks to educate while continually striving to find new and better ways imparting the advancement in IT Education ,Vocational & Marketing.

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 A Heartly welcome to “Central Education & Information Technology Research Committee“…!
                           We are extremely happy to note your interest in joining our Revolutionary educational formate, which represents a unique Integration of National Heritage & modern Education. CEITRC was established in 2009.Since its inception, CEITRC has focused on fulfillment of dream of imparting education that would equip a large number of student to contribute productively towards the development of strong modern India.
    The Government of India has taken a number of landmark initiatives. The 'Digital India' program is committed to take the cause of good governance forward, in both letter and spirit. Digital India is viewed as a 'game changer', from the perspective of delivery of pro-citizen good governance, with the synchronized and coordinated engagement of the entire Government.
     As one of the most sustainable and dependable arm of CEITRC has endeavored to lead by example through institutionalization of policies and best practices.  It has emerged as a key player in training related services. CEITRC courses are already known throughout India for its high standards of quality and these courses are also supported by an unfaltering and holistic system of examination at the national level.
     I am happy to note that through proactive use of technology, capacity building and process re-engineering initiatives, CEITRC has made efforts to leverage its capacity and create synergy in the area of training and support services.  Also, in tune with the changing times, CEITRC has diversified and spread its wing by expanding its repertoire of activities. Recently, CEITRC has also taken up new capacity building initiatives in the areas of Brain Development Program's, Scholarship Exam's, Handwriting Exam's, e-Governance, Cloud Computing, etc. e-Contents are being developed to usher in a new paradigm of learning.
     I would also like to compliment CEITRC for its efforts to standardize its Short Term & Long Terms Courses across all CEITRC Centre's. The Student Support Services have been also upgraded with the introduction of web based services and a Placement Portal has been institutionalized by CEITRC, which would facilitate the students to seek suitable employment. Such proactive measures are the need of the time and I am happy that CEITRC is introducing such features with the required sensitivity and vibrancy.
     I congratulate CEITRC for its endeavor to spread IT literacy and education across the country. The efforts made by CEITRC in implementing various government schemes by scaling up its operations and leveraging its capacities, are praiseworthy.
     The integrated CEITRC Website is a welcome step towards uniformity, dynamism and improved services for stakeholders and I wish CEITRC success in its future efforts.
                Our Committee has constantly catered to the changing need of the society without compromising on quality and prime focus on educational & research program. In addition to academic programs that cherish our Indian Heritage, the Institute has also stepped into the field of IT-Technology, Marketing & Fashion Technology. Our Institute provides the latest state of the infrastructure facilities ,valuable certificate, online exam and educational system. Above All our Committee has a consortium of highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty, always striving towards building up of a strong theoretical & practical knowledge background among students, which would ultimately enables them to achieve soaring heights in their professional careers. The Various courses will open up number of avenues for student. For higher education in related fields both in India and Abroad and will also provide them with better job opportunities in the academic as well as industrial sectors.
      WE wish you all very bright, prosperous and academically rewarding future as students of this 21st Century Educational Organization.  

Mr.Dharmesh Goswami
Central Education & Information Technology Research Committee 


  “Central Education & Information Technology Research Committee“ is Organization which believe in quality Education services  and adopt new edge Technology. The CEITRC is imparting training programs aimed at skill up-gradation and capacity building in emerging areas of Electronics , Information Technology, Regular , Vocational, Educational, Skill Based like Vedic Maths, Abacus, Spoken English, Android Application Development, Embedded System Design, J2EE, LAMP, .NET Technologies, Computer Networking, Linux Administration, and Multimedia & Animation. In addition to these courses, the CEITRC is also offering long term programs of Committee such as  Programs in IT, Computer Hardware, Networking & Multimedia. The committee is also engaged in various development projects using web technologies/ client server environment.
    The Committee has taken up' e-office implementation and training' projects for government offices in Delhi. It has also been providing various technical support services (including recruitment of manpower in the IT sector) to a number of Govt. Organizations. The CEITRC has been conducting online  based examinations and performing evaluation for the recruitment/selection in a number of private and public undertakings. 
    To Optimally utilize the skill of our human resources and render quality service to the society, the Government of India has entrusted us with the implementation of the National Skill Development Program which is aimed towards empowering individuals with improved skills and knowledge to enable them gain decent employment in the Industry. The CEITRC is also involved in the implementation of various initiatives of the Govt. of India like Digital India, National Digital Literacy Programs, IT for Masses for Women and SC/ST Job seekers, Pradhan Mantri Koushlya Yojana and e-Governance.
    We are determined to improve ourselves to meet the needs and expectations of society with regard to the Educational, Skill Based, Non- IT and IT sector. As a team, we will continuously strive to provide quality services to our clients and skilled and competent human resource to the industry.

 I would like to convey a message of appreciation to our employees, students, clients, and other stakeholders whose dedication and contribution has been the core & strength in the development of CEITRC. I sincerely wish and hope that this culture of dedicated hard work, and spirit of teamwork will continue to flourish in the coming years and the CEITRC will grow to greater heights with lots of accomplishments in the years to come. 
I take this opportunity to welcome you to the CEITRC and look forward to mutually beneficial and fruitful interactions from a professional perspective in the coming years. our and academically rewarding future as students of this 21st Century Educational Organization.

Central Education & Information Technology Research Committee 

Thanks & Regards to Director

Mrs. Falguni Goswami