Diploma in Green House Management


What is a greenhouse, you may ask. It is a structure/building where plants are grown under controlled conditions and environment. It is also known as a glasshouse. The shape and size of a greenhouse may vary. The size and shape depends upon the purpose and plan of the cultivator.

For example, a hobbyist is usually satisfied with a glasshouse that matches the size of a small or medium sized shed. On the other hand, many farmers are known to erect glasshouses that match the size of large buildings. It is not uncommon to see them erecting a cluster of glasshouses.

Glasshouses can also be classified into the following types (on the basis of its lifespan – Temporary glasshouse, semi-permanent glasshouse and permanent glasshouse.

A greenhouse is made up of parts and components such as – glass, plastic, covering materials etc. The glasshouse is designed in such a way that sunlight/solar radiation is allowed to pass through the roof and reach the plants/soil/surface covered by the glasshouse.