Diploma in Agriculture


Diploma in Agriculture

The agriculture sector in India still remains the backbone of the Indian economy. The government is putting in effort to modernise the agricultural sector, thus improving the scope and employment opportunities for the Diploma in agriculture aspirants. The government is looking to improve the agriculture inputs as well the corresponding research associated with it.

The Diploma in agriculture is one such course that would help expose the candidates to research and development in the agriculture field.

Here are some of the information and details about the Diploma in Agriculture program are as follows.

Diploma in Agriculture is an agricultural study course which is offered at both the UG and PG levels. The candidates get theoretical and practical regarding various agricultural aspects.

This course is for students who are interested in agricultural studies and wish to gain knowledge in various aspects of farming, harvesting, food production, fertilizer and pesticide composition etc.

This course offers in depth knowledge about various topics such as the problems faced by farmers, solutions offered to them, strategies for improvement of the agricultural sector etc.

Some of the specializations in which Diploma in Agriculture is available include Food Procession, Seed Technology, Horticulture, Animal husbandry, Poultry farming, Organic farming etc.